Cleaning Services

Airbnb Cleaning

The most important thing that impresses renters is a clean and tidy rental space. For the health and happiness of your renters, hire us today to come through and provide you the absolute best Airbnb cleaning service in all of Salt Lake City, UT, and any surrounding area. We promise you a cleanly transformation, guaranteed! Contact us now to book an appointment.

Post Construction Cleanup

The last step before finalizing your construction project is the cleanup. Our team is quick, precise, and efficient. No matter the size of your post-construction cleanup job, our team is ready to tackle it. No detail will go unnoticed, and before you know it, your construction site will look ready to open. Call us now to book your post-construction cleaning service for Salt Lake City, UT, or any encompassing county.

Clean Blinds or Shades

Your blinds and shades may seem like an easy task to take on, but you may quickly realize how tedious and boring it can be to clean them. No worry! Let our team come through and properly clean all of your window fixtures so that when you do want privacy, and you close your blinds, all you see are clean and spotless shades and blinds. Call us today to get started!

Clean Walls & Ceilings

Sometimes you may wonder how a stain has gotten on your ceiling or walls. Mishaps happen all the time, and sometimes kids are secretive about stains they’ve made. Call our team today to book a schedule for a perfect ceiling and wall cleaning. Our cleaning will not hard any paint or finish you have on your walls and ceilings. Trust us to clean your home properly and quickly today in Salt Lake City, UT, and any surrounding area.

Deep Clean

A deep clean allows you to take time off while we come through and get all the nitty-gritty stains that have been too stubborn to leave over time. It's easy to get caked in stains or dirt, but our team is here to be tough on stains but gentle on your property. Our products will penetrate and eliminate any tough stains you have in or on your carpets, walls, grout, etc. Call now to get started!


All of our cleaning products and agents are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We care about the health and livelihood of both your family and pets which is why we pride ourselves in using products that do no harm to both your loved ones as well as the planet. Call us today to learn more about which specific products we use for our cleaning services in and around Salt Lake City, UT.